Express Connect

A dedicated network connection between different cloud environments

You can use Express Connect to achieve high-speed, stable, secure, and dedicated communications between different networks. xTom's Express Connect provides high quality, secure private network communication among various cloud environments. The service is implemented by two different ways: VPC connection for interconnecting VPC networks in different regions and direct access for connecting customer data center and cloud environment. Express Connect is the ultimate network solution for those who demand secure, stable and fast network access.

The Ultimate Network Quality

Superior infrastructure that connects directly between locations, delivers high quality networks with ultra low latency regardless public network situation.

Highest Performance and Stability

With dedicated circuits, your data is transmitted directly from your location to your destination, no more routing issues.

Dedicated Network Circuits

The whole service is based on a dedicated submarine cable, separate with general network. Confidential information can be handled securely, no interrupts from general internet.

Multiple Locations

Powered by xTom's Datacenters across the globe, Express Connect now available in over 10 locations covering most customer areas.

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