Open Source Mirrors

xTom open source hosting service, providing mirrors of popular open source software.

An open source software mirror is a website or server that hosts copies of open source software packages and makes them available for download. Open source software is computer software that is available with a license that allows users to access, modify, and distribute the source code.

Open source software mirrors are useful because they provide an additional source for downloading open source software packages, which can help to reduce the load on the original download servers and improve download speeds. Many open source software projects maintain their own mirrors, while others rely on third-party mirrors to provide additional download capacity.

Open source software mirrors are typically maintained by volunteers or organizations that support the use of open source software. They are an important part of the open source software ecosystem, as they help to ensure that users have access to the software that they need.

If you want xTom mirrors to add some new mirror or feature or modify the configration of exist mirror, plsese submit an issue here. We will accept high vote project.

xTom offers free open source hosting service in the following locations:

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