NTP Services

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol that is used to synchronize the clocks of computer systems over a network. It is based on the Internet Protocol (IP) and is used to synchronize the time on computers and other devices to a reference time source, such as a radio or atomic clock.

NTP is important because it helps to ensure that the clocks on different devices are accurate and consistent, which is essential for many applications that rely on precise timing, such as financial transactions and scientific experiments. NTP can operate over networks of any size and can be used to synchronize clocks on devices that are connected to the internet or to a local network.

xTom offers NTP servers in 3 locations:

  • Hong Kong, China - ntp.xtom.com.hk
  • San Jose, CA - ntp.xtom.com
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands - ntp.xtom.nl

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