xTom Expands to Coresite LA2 in Los Angeles

Discover xTom’s new Coresite LA2 Point of Presence in LA, offering state-of-the-art colocation, IP transit, and blazing-fast 10G/100G internet access.

Publish date: 10/31/2023

LOS ANGELES, Oct 31, 2023 – xTom, a leading provider in cloud computing consulting and network infrastructure design, proudly announces the opening of its new Point of Presence at the Coresite LA2 in Los Angeles. This strategic initiative is a critical part of xTom’s continued global expansion, specifically aimed at amplifying its presence and capabilities in North America.

Positioned at the heart of Los Angeles, xTom’s latest establishment at Coresite LA2 highlights a monumental leap in enhancing its colocation and IP transit services. The new POP is specially equipped to offer advanced 10G/100G internet access, reflecting xTom’s commitment to providing high-speed, reliable network solutions.

Coresite LA2 is not just any location; it stands as one of the most sophisticated and high-capacity POPs in the region. xTom’s choice of this venue aligns with its goal to deliver outstanding network performance and stability, ensuring clients’ business objectives are seamlessly met with top-notch efficiency and security.

Much like its Tokyo expansion, where xTom connected with prominent networks such as Softbank and NTT, the new Los Angeles POP is poised to replicate this success. It offers exceptional connectivity options, thereby enabling businesses to thrive in a highly digitalized world.

Jasper Cai, COO of xTom, remarks, “Our new Point of Presence at Coresite LA2 in Los Angeles represents a significant milestone in our mission to enhance our network services globally. We’re excited to contribute to the vibrant digital landscape of Los Angeles and offer our clients cutting-edge network solutions that drive their businesses forward.”

About Coresite LA2: Coresite LA2 covers an area of over 424,000+ total sq. ft. It offers diverse deployment options including partial cabinets, full cabinets, cages, private suites, and build-to-suit spaces. Equipped with both AC and DC power and available rooftop space, Coresite LA2 is positioned as a premier digital infrastructure in Los Angeles.

Elevate your web hosting and network experience with xTom’s new POP offerings at Coresite LA2. For exceptional colocation services, lightning-fast 10G/100G internet access, and reliable IP transit solutions in Los Angeles, reach out to us here. Join us in our journey towards a digitally empowered future!