xTom Expands to Global Switch in Singapore

We enhance our network services with a new presence at the Global Switch Singapore Tai Seng Data Centre.

Publish date: 6/16/2024

SINGAPORE, June 16, 2024 – xTom, a global leader in cloud computing consulting and network infrastructure design, proudly announces the establishment of its new Point of Presence at the Global Switch Singapore Tai Seng Data Centre. This strategic expansion is a crucial part of xTom’s ongoing global growth, aimed at amplifying its presence and capabilities in Asia.

Located in the heart of Singapore, the Global Switch Tai Seng Data Centre is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and robust infrastructure. This new installation allows xTom to offer superior colocation, IP transit, and high-speed internet services, ensuring optimal network performance and stability for its customers. xTom has successfully connected to CTGNet China Access and CTGNet GIS 2.0 (CN2) provided by China Telecom, as well as PCCW’s IP Transit services, further enhancing its network connectivity.

Global Switch Tai Seng is established as the region’s premier global connectivity hub, housing a dense concentration of major enterprises and bandwidth providers. Regularly audited for security compliance by financial regulators, international banks, and major international corporations, the facility boasts an unrivalled record of uninterrupted power and cooling. Spanning 26,743 square meters, the data centre offers extensive space for expansion and scalability.

The Tai Seng data centre hosts a vibrant and ever-expanding telecommunications and internet ecosystem, as well as network PoPs for all Tier 1 telcos. Uniquely, several submarine cable systems land directly in the facility. Leading internet and cloud services companies, including ISPs, major content owners and distributors, web portals, and online social media platforms, maintain a presence here. Together with the Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX), these organisations transform the data centre into a convergent connectivity hub, reaching out to all parts of the globe.

Jasper Cai, COO of xTom, remarked: “Our new Point of Presence at the Global Switch Tai Seng Data Centre in Singapore represents a significant milestone in our mission to enhance our network services globally. By establishing a robust presence in Singapore, we aim to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that drive their business success in the digital age. Singapore’s strategic location as a commercial and technological hub in Southeast Asia will enable us to better serve our regional clients.”

About Global Switch: Global Switch is a leading owner, operator, and developer of large-scale, carrier and cloud-neutral data centres in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Global Switch provides secure, resilient, and scalable solutions for hosting mission-critical IT infrastructure, enabling businesses to thrive in a connected world.

Elevate your web hosting and network experience with xTom’s new offerings at the Global Switch Singapore Tai Seng Data Centre. For exceptional colocation services, reliable IP transit solutions, and high-speed internet access in Singapore, reach out to us here. Join us in our journey towards a digitally empowered future!